Welcome to Amanda Luedloff- Virtual Assistant!


Hello! I’m Amanda and I love helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals. I love helping them by taking on the duties that, while necessary for the business, don’t really help in the growth department. By handing these tasks like: email management, invoicing, and calendar management over to me, you as a business owner have more time to focus on the growth of your company. With two years of experience with general admin tasks and social media management, I have the basic building blocks and knowledge to tackle your tasks!


What are the problem areas in your business?


Time? You feel like you have worked all day but your to-do list is still full?

Sales? Have you been missing the follow ups and securing your next sale because it got lost in your messy inbox? 

Repetition? You feel like you keep doing the same things over and over again but you aren’t going anywhere in your business? 


Grow your business to the next level by outsourcing these tasks and hiring a Virtual Assistant. When the days seem endless and it feels like you keep getting stuck doing the small things with no time left over to do the really big things your business needs to grow, it’s time to shuffle things around. You might not feel like the next Tony Robbins but I guarantee you he was where you are now and he would tell you it’s time to uplevel and outsource. As a business professional it’s no doubt you have a lot of responsibility and a to-do list a mile long that never seems to get any shorter. While these things are important to your business, growth is also important and by doing everything all by yourself, it comes with a heavy price: your time and your peace of mind.


Have you been feeling stressed because it feels like your business is stagnant and repetitive tasks are endless? As it turns out, I thoroughly love staying in the background and getting these seemingly mundane tasks finished. I help you as a business professional stay organized and on track by taking care of the tasks that like to slip through the cracks. This means no more missed business opportunities, no more missed follow up emails, and a cleaner running operation. 


I know that as a business professional you have a lot going on in your business and you feel like you have to get everything done immediately but there just isn’t enough hours in the day. Outsource some things so you can get back to focusing on the big picture with your business. Set up a discovery call with me today and tomorrow, relax knowing your to do list is about to get a whole lot shorter.